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McDonald Renewal of Vows

The Entourage



Maid of Honor                                  Best Man

Jennifer Tio                                       Bobby McDonald


Bridesmaids                                      Groomsmen

Winnie Nishimiya                             Ray Nishimiya

Cherylyn Domingo                         Thien Nguyen

Rowena Yoro                                   Earl Quiocho

Kimberly Oswald                             Joseph Celes

Kalani Holleman                             Tim Drain

Margaret Marasigan                     Marc Marasigan

Tawnee Rabuco                             Josh Rabuco

Sirena Celes                                     Marcus Celes


Flower Girl                                         Ring Bearer


Malia Gaspar & Phoenix Cho      Noah Bautista


Wedding Entourage Attire




Dress: Meilun Women's Knee Strapless Bandage Bodycon Party Dress Beige Hem (Purchase on Amazon)

Amazon Link to Bridesmaid Dress

Amazon Link to 2nd Option Dress - For Bridesmaid Jenn, Margaret, Rowena & TBD

Shoes: Any Beige Color Wedge Strappy Sandals that will match the dress color (2nd option get a matching light grey strappy wedge) & everyone - Brown Cowboy Boots for photos and dancing

Example of Beige Wedge Strappy Heels

Example of Grey Wedge Sandal

Example of Brown Cowboy Boots

Jewelry: Ethel-Lynn will provide the Jewelry

Nails: Should match Dress or between the colors of beige, grey, rose gold, or french manicure

Hair & Make up: Simple like how you would do it for any dress up party.  I will bring extra curling and straighteners but you should bring yours if you are comfortable with your own.  Make up - do your own.  Make sure the foundation is heavier than normal for better photos. 



Suit: Find Light Grey Slack Pants, Button Up White Shirt with Sleeves (that can be folded up)

Link to Light Grey Pants

Link to White Shirt on Amazon to Buy

Example of Groomsmen Look

Shoes: Dark Brown

Daniel will provide Suspenders & Bow Tie to match Bridesmaid


Flower Girl                                                                                  

Dress: Ivory Colored Dress & Matching Shoes & Cowboy Boots 


Wedding Entourage Day of Checklist


Final Bridesmaid Day of Checklist

  • Dress
  • Hair Flat Iron/Make Up (Natural)
  • Wedge Heels
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Nails should be either beige, grey, rose gold, or french manicure color


Final Groomsmen Day of Checklist

  • Shirt/Pants
  • Men’s Grooming Bag (Need Deordorant)
  • Brown Dress Shoes
  • Help Daniel move chairs to reception area after Ceremony is done




FINAL Itinerary August 18, 2018


August 14 – 16, 2018 – Arrival of Entourage

August 17, 20184pm Renewal of Vows Rehearsal, Setting of all tables, Indoor Decoration, Backdrop Set up & Dinner at Mountain House Estate

August 18, 2018

10am – Bobby McDonald to get food for Wedding Party

11am to 2pm – Entourage to get ready & Lunch Provided

2pm to 5pm – Photography Session & Greet Guests

5:00pm - Processional including Officiant Enters

5:15pm - Groom Enters Ceremony (Song - Everything by Michale Buble - This is the rest of the entourage que to get lined up with Bride)

5:20pm - Entourage Enters (Song - Blessed the Broken Road)

5:25pm - Bride Enters (Song - I Get to Love you)

5:30pm - Ceremony

5:45pm - 8:15pm - Dinner 

7:00pm - Wedding Party Entrance & Program Begins (Emcee Stephen Riley takes over Mic)

7:30pm - Best Man & Maid of Honor Toast

7:45pm - Bouquet & Garter Toss

8pm - 10pm - First Dance then Line Dance with the crowd & party the night away!

11pm - 12pm – Clean up

August 19, 2018

          All Day – Sonoma County Wine Trip