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One Year with Plant Nite

May 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I know it’s been awhile since I wrote a blog.  This past year since I signed my contract with Plant Nite I’ve been extremely busy.  Before Plant Nite, only my family & friends knew about my event planning, my decorating hobby, and my love for gardening. Plant Nite was a way for me to keep planning events and to live that dream job of being a Event Planner.  

When I was young I was in love with fashion.  I wanted to go to a design school to learn to make my own clothes then I took sewing class and change my mind, lol.  But at least I always won the award for best dress in school. During that time I couldn’t go out as much with friends (my parents were strict) so I stayed home a lot decorating my room with whatever I could find.  I didn’t realize then that this was the start of something I didn’t know I was good at.

Now, at 43 years old I’ve been in Accounting & Finance for 18 years.  I decided to follow the path of my Auntie’s career.  But part of me in between always volunteered to do favors, make crafts for gifts and then a couple of times I would run events for my family to ensure the party was a success.  Everyone kept telling me I was talented, but I could never see what they saw.  My husband always said creativity is a gift and a talent.

I still wasn’t sure of myself but every event I gave 110% of myself.  I would help everyone make their terrariums beautiful.  I would keep myself educated on succulents and grow my own garden.  I would spend 3 hours choosing the best succulents for the events and drive 1 hour an half one way just to get succulents.  I get home late and still write an email to follow up with my guests, do my mother duties and then the next day I go back into my full time job mode and advertise my next events.  This is my #3 job.  I'm an accounting manager by day, part time group x instructor 2x a week and I plan events every other week or sometimes every week.

Then the last couple of Plant Nite events in May of 2018 I started to see what everyone was telling me for years.  Several people drove from San Jose to take one of my classes.  She told she chose to come this far because of my reviews and she waited patiently to find an event that was not sold out so she could attend it.  Then the next event these ladies told me that they took many other Plant Nite classes because my events were always sold out than an opportunity came up and they bought their tickets right away.  Then today, May 20, 2018 I had 2 people come back to my events.  One brought 13 of her family members and she told me before she left – you see don’t stop doing what you are doing.  And 2 ladies I met from a previous event said to me they came back because they knew I was good and that made me feel so much better inside.


All those emotions just rush to me suddenly because I was wondering how in the last 3 events I get all these feedback at a time where I was questioning if I’m doing my best.  So to all of you who believe in me, thank you.  Your feedback gives me the confidence to keep going and to know I’m doing something right.  I generally care so much about what I do because my vision and creatively comes from me destressing myself, being vulnerable and expressing myself through design.

I always said that my best work is a result of me turning my day around.  If I had a bad day, I take a break to decorate because I want to see something more beautiful than how I feel inside or how someone sets out to make me feel.  

My first toast for my very first plant nite back on 07/14/17 was the name of my blog hashtag “My Life Succs” because in actually I always felt it did at times until I design something new.  

“Then one day she decided to design a life she loves…”

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