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Set it all Free!

May 18, 2017

I have receive some exciting news and can't wait to share it!  I'm still working out the details but today I was jumping for joy over the phone and waving at my husband of my excitement. 

This week I've experience the quote "You constantly have to defend your success. Because see the more successful you become, the more of a target you are". #succsbutitstrue The more we put ourselves out there, the more people will try to knock us down.  In turn, we hope it will make us stronger & helps us build a thick skin.  In this new world we need it more because social media is a blessing & a curse.  If you love social media, bring good news, love unconditionally, understand before you speak, and celebrate each other.  

On  beautiful note: This is one of my new succulents.  I love the little flowers growing out.  I like making succulent arrangements but I also like focusing on a single succulent to preserved it's beauty. I hope to get more succulents this weekend & expand my collection. Maybe my husband will give me "congratulations" succulents, haha.

Today on my way to workout (I'm also a part time Fitness Coach) I sang this song in my head.  I love it because it empowered me to take on this new chapter ahead and forget the very few haters.  It's from the movie Sing, look it up: Set it all Free by Scarlett Johansson.

"I followed my heart into the fire
Got burned, got broken down by desire
I tried, I tried but the smoke in my eyes
Left me blurry, blurry and blind
I picked all the pieces up off the ground
I've burned all my fingers but that's gone now
Got the glue in my hands and stickin' to the plan
Stickin' to the plan that says "I can"

Do anything at all
I can do anything at all

This is my kiss goodbye
You can stand alone and watch me fly
Cause nothing's keeping me down
Gonna let it all up
Come on and say right now, right now, right now
This is my big hello
Cause I'm here and never letting go
I can finally see, it's not just a dream
When you set it all free, all free, all free

You set it all free"

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